Protecting original paint is a top priority for us at Accurate Auto Detail and Tint. From the most entry-level daily driver, to modern day hyper cars, every vehicle deserves the best paint protection film available. That’s why we install
XPEL Ultimate & Stealth & SunTek PPF! It’s the strongest film in the industry with the best finish quality, utilizing a self-healing top coat that ensures your vehicle’s paint will always look its best. 

Clear bra paint protection film is a clear, thermoplastic urethane film that is applied to a vehicle to protect it from rocks, bugs, any any other road debris that could damage the paint of your vehicle. Most often this film is applied to the front end of a vehicle but can even cover the entire car for maximum protection. Many auto manufacturers install paint protection film from the factory or as options at the dealership. More often than not unfortunately, these come at a high price and the installation is done quickly rather then carefully.

First and foremost, clear bra/paint protection film is about protecting your vehicle from the elements. While it wont stop a large rocks from damaging your vehicle, it will keep it protected from the everyday bits of small debris you encounter. While this is nice for aesthetic reasons, it is also an investment in the value of your vehicle. If the clear bra remains unbreached, the paint beneath will look good as new if you ever decide to remove the film.

In the United States, Most Paint Protection Film does not meet the DOT’s standards for optical clarity and is not approved for use. There are higher optical clarity of films such as Xpel Ultimate & SunTek. Accurate Auto Detail and Tint uses these films to cover headlights and fog lights. 

Xpel Ultimate & SunTek Paint Protection Film will not yellow, crack or peel for up to10 years after installation. XPEL & SunTek Protection Film – is a very low surface energy film designed to resist staining and offers superior environmental resistance and gloss retention. The clear coat employs special elastomeric polymers that allow scratches in the surface to “heal” over time, eliminating the need for frequent polishing to maintain a just installed appearance. Urethane is naturally porous and will easily yellow or change color due to the pores getting clogged up with contaminants and airborne particles. SunTek & Xpel Ultimate film has a true top coat self healing clear coat that is extremely smooth and the pores are very tiny and dense. So dense in fact, you can write on it with a permanent sharpie marker and it won’t stain the film! Simply wipe off with isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber with nearly no effort! Other films, such as Ventureshield™, has a hardened top coat of urethane, but this top coat is not a true clear coat. Since it does not have a true clear coat it has larger pores that can encapsulate dirt which results in yellowing and will fail the sharpie test. It is also more likely to get damage from tree sap or bird droppings. Very few films have the long-term (10 year Xpel & 5 year Warranty SunTek) durability and stain resistance of SunTek & Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film.

To keep your film looking great, follow a few simple guidelines:

-Wait 48 hours after installation to wash your car.
-Remove insect or other stains as soon as possible with Isopropyl 70% alcohol.
-Stubborn stains can be removed with 99% isopropyl alcohol. Take care to keep these chemicals off the vehicle’s paint.
-Seal with Paint Protection Film Sealant at least once every 3 months to preserve high gloss or choose one of our premium sealants at NWAS for extended protection.
-Light scratches in the film will self-heal in 20-30 minutes at room temperature. In colder conditions, or to accelerate the process, pour warm water (120°F) over the affected area.

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