Feynlab Heal Lite. No more waxing, No more Swirl Marks

Ceramic Coating Clear Bra North Dallas

Feynlab Ceramic Coatings greatly out perform waxes or sealants. more importantly they  offer a product with Self Healing and Ultra Durable Ceramic Technology. Feynlab ceramic coatings maintain the thickness and protection aspect of CERAMIC, while incorporating 60% of self healing capabilities for light surface scratches and micro marring. While some deeper scratches, may not completely recover, they will be almost undetectable on lighter colored paints. It is truly the perfect compliment to the paint protection film application.

Feynlab is developed and manufactured in the United States as opposed to most coatings developed in Asia and relabeled.

Explore 2, 3, 5, and 7 year coating options to add to your paint protection install. We can guide you in the right direction based on  your vehicle needs.


Feynlab Self Healing in Action

The Finished Product